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An innovative tour business with a turnkey solution

An innovative tour business with a turnkey solution

What is Spinach Tours?

Spinach Tours is a Vehicle As a Service, under the body of a cool, unique and exclusive electrical car, that allows any tour operator in the world to deliver and create awesome interactive sightseeing experiences.

Spinach Technology

We create exclusive driving and non-driving interactive sightseeing experiences: tours, treasure hunts, clue games and other curated content that will work for both international and domestic markets. You can also materialize your own ideas with access to our intuitive back office.

Make Your World Spin(ach)

Why Join Spinach?

Innovative business tour concept

An exclusive turnkey solution franchise that provides unique tech and a stylish car with awesome differentiation in the market.

Easy to

We deliver Website, Software, Hardware, Marketing materials and Content. You just need to choose a location and we’ll help you kickstart the operation.

Location exclusivity

By joining Spinach Tours we’ll guarantee there’ll be no one else around you with access to this Franchise Business

Domestic and international markets

Awesome Experiences for a global audience, with a broad range of demographics and not limited to the tourism market.


Proven business model with a quick recovery of your initial investment.